Bach Flowers for Dogs

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Bach Flowers are a simple, safe, effective and non-toxic system developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s. He was a physician, surgeon, homeopath, bacteriologist and immunologist who believed that personality is the ultimate root cause of disease.

The system of 38 flowers are made in the homeopathic manner and works by replacing negative moods, emotions and behavior with positive moods, emotions and behavior. Bach Flowers work very gently and subtly and can complement any other form of medicine without the fear of side-effects. To find the right Bach Flower Essence blend, we need to know how your dog feels about his disease, but since most of us don’t understand “dog”, we have to rely on observation, & try to figure what was going on when the allergies began.

The wonderful thing about the Bach Flower Essences is that if you get it wrong the first time, you can try again with a different blend. It won’t hurt your dog. If it isn’t what he needs, nothing will happen. If it IS what he needs, then he will feel better. Below is a list of Bach Flower Essences that may help you find the right blend for your dog. It is not an all inclusive list but it contains the flowers that I use most for allergies and will get you on the right track. If you need further assistance, I’m just an email away.

Agrimony – for the dog whose allergies are making him restless & anxious. He moves from one spot to the next trying to “get away from the area that is making him uncomfortable & itchy” and trying a different spot that may make him feel better.

Beech –This dog with allergies likes routine and is upset when his routine is changed, such as being fed at the same time of day, eating the same foods, playing with the same toys. He gets irritable if another human or dog joins the pack. You’ll find him scratching when something upsets him.

Cherry Plum – for those who excessively chew & lick. They lose control, not knowing when to stop chewing & licking resulting in redness, and bleeding. You may even find hair in their mouth as they have been pulling out their hair.

Crab Apple – is a cleanser and most always included in an allergy blend. It is good to include for those who are always grooming.

Gentian – If your dog is happy & playing one minute, stops to scratch and doesn’t resume play because he sad about his itching.

Impatiens – for the dog whose skin is red, raw and irritated. His skin moves if you touch it because it’s irriated. He, himself, is irritated. This is the dog that may snap (not bite) at you if you try to stop him from chewing himself.

Rescue Remedy – an important remedy almost always included in a blend to help deal with the stress of allergies.

Star of Bethlehem – for those whose allergies may have begun immediately after vaccinations, or from a bee sting or those who were rescued. These dogs have experienced a trauma. Vaccines and bee stings are major injuries & shocking to the body. Rescue dogs have a background that is not always clear so it’s a good idea to include this flower to help them through a trauma that they may have experienced. Trauma can last a long time, sometimes years. This flower helps.

Walnut – to help protect them from outside influences, pollen, allergens, house dust, etc.. Will help the dog with seasonal allergies to accept the change in the seasons.

Water Violet – for the dog with allergies who retreats and would rather be alone.

Make a remedy: Select up to 4 flowers that best fit your dog and make a blend by filling a 25ml dropper bottle with pure water. Add 2 drops of each flower to the dropper bottle and 4 drops of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. Dispense by dropping 4 drops on their gums, or lips on the side of their mouth so they can lick it.

Administer the 4 drops once in the morning when waking, once in the evening before bed and 2 times during the day when convenient. Administer this remedy any time your dog is showing anxiety, scratching uncontrollably or any other allergic symptoms. It can be given, 4 drops, as often as every few minutes in acute situations. There is no toxicity to this product. Keep it in a cool area and replace with a fresh blend after 3 weeks. Be sure to rinse of the dropper tip if your fur-baby has licked it.

Make a spray: Fill a 4oz fine mist spray bottle with pure water, adding 8 drops of each flower and 16 drops of Rescue Remedy. Sprays are great. You can lightly spray your dog’s face, his body, his bedding or any of his surroundings. Remember to get a fine mist spray so that the mist gently settles on your dog. You don’t want to frighten him! =)

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