Frequently Asked Questions

Should I discontinue the medication my vet prescribed & should I stop taking my dog to the vet?
I am a holistic practitioner, not a veterinarian and I will NEVER tell you to discontinue any medication prescribed by your veterinarian nor will I ever tell you to stop seeing your veterinarian. This modality does NOT take the place of veterinary care. Homeopathy will keep your dog’s immune system strong while he goes through conventional therapy.
Can prescription medications effect the readings ?
Yes. Prescription medications can have side-effects on other parts of the body thus creating blockages of energy flow and weakening the organs and systems. The damage created by these medications may not show up right away, but bio-energetic screening picks up minute changes in energy flow allowing us to potentially pick up issues long before they actually show up. This allows us to assist the body in strengthening itself so it can heal itself.
Would your readings allow you to give specific information or limited ?
Bio-energetic testing combines the centuries old medicine of the east (acupuncture meridians) with western scientific technology, however, it does not diagnose. What bio-energetic testing does is it detects disturbances and energy flow blockages in the acupuncture meridians. Identifying the disease is not as important as balancing the meridians and unblocking energy flow. This is what lets the body heal itself of disease.
Can you get rid of fleas & ticks?

I have found that healthy animals are less likely to be plagued by fleas than animals with compromised immune systems.  Keeping your dog’s body in balance keeps his immune system strong and he will automatically be less affected by fleas.  But you can help by vacuuming your home, daily as well as brushing and using a flea comb on a daily basis.  Ticks are opportunistic.  The most important thing to do is to keep your dog’s immune system strong so that if they do get attacked by ticks, they will be able to handle any issues that may arise.  There are herbal blends and D.E. that you can use but be sure to  comb your dog and do a tick check before coming home and once home, give him a bath to wash off the herbal blend and do one more tick check. 

What is the most important part in the health of my dog?

Happiness & NUTRITION!   A quality Species Appropriate Raw Food diet is the single most important “medicine” for all life forms.  A quality SARF diet has the ability prevent disease and repair the body.

DisclaimerI do not diagnose ANY medical condition utilizing Bio-Energetic testing.  Energetic information detected by such evaluation is NEVER presented as a medical diagnosis, nor is any subsequent treatment to be construed as a direct treatment for any medical condition.  Such treatments include: complex homeopathy, cold laser therapy, and meridian therapy.  All patients, prospective and present are advised to seek qualified veterinarian opinions for specific conditions

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