What is laser therapy?
Laser therapy is the application of light to various areas of the body in the Red to Infrared spectrum to stimulate cell metabolism and improve circulation. We use laser therapy for both local applications and “laser acupuncture” which works through the acupuncture meridians.
How is it different from traditional Western methods and pharmaceuticals?
Laser therapy is completely safe and does not present the side effects that pharmaceuticals do. Laser therapy is effective both locally and systemically.
What are the Pros and Cons of laser therapy?
Laser therapy can help many issues but it’s important to have a diagnosis because pain is there for a reason and you don’t want to over simplify it. The most important “pro” of laser therapy is that the effects are systemic so it is truly a “whole” body therapy, it is safe and non-invasive.
Should laser therapy be used in place of other homeopathic treatments? Can it be used in conjunction?
Lasers promote microcirculation so it can most definitely and very effectively be used in conjunction with homeopathic remedies and most allopathic therapies.
Are there dangers associated with laser therapy?
As with any therapy, there are risks involved. The greatest risk is eye injury but that is only if you look directly into the laser beam. Appropriate laser glasses (not sunglasses) should always be worn during laser therapy. Certain types of lasers should not be used for epilepsy or if you are pregnant.
What is the difference between acupuncture and laser therapy?
With laser therapy, there is no need to physically puncture the skin in order to stimulate energy flow and is therefore painless. We also have the ability to laser remedies directly into the meridian.
DisclaimerI do not diagnose ANY medical condition utilizing Bio-Energetic testing.  Energetic information detected by such evaluation is NEVER presented as a medical diagnosis, nor is any subsequent treatment to be construed as a direct treatment for any medical condition.  Such treatments include: complex homeopathy, cold laser therapy, and meridian therapy.  All patients, prospective and present are advised to seek qualified veterinarian opinions for specific conditions
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