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K9BWell – Holistic Health for Dogs, Inc. was founded to help pet owners see the benefits of natural healing methods and improve the lives of their dogs without any potentially harmful medications. We have a deep love for dogs and have witnessed countless positive outcomes with natural healing therapies. Learn more below or book an appointment…

Holistic Health for Dogs

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) has been around for centuries. When the pharmaceutical industry came about in the 1920’s, it became conventional medicine and CAM went by the wayside. It wasn’t until recently that it started to rebound as people began to take a look at alternative ways to heal themselves. The same is pretty true in the canine world, too.

The basic principles of my holistic care are: Do No Harm, The Healing Power of the Body, Practitioner as Teacher, Prevention and Balance the Whole Dog. I believe that health is not merely the absence of disease but a vibrant state of well-being. My goal is to balance your dog as a whole dog on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, to achieve & maintain health.

The modalities we use to accomplish this may include diet modification, lifestyle change, exercise, laserpuncture, low level light therapy (LLLT), herbs, nutritional supplements, flower essences and homeopathy.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine helps to keep your dog as strong and healthy as possible. It is helpful when used for injuries, allergies, digestion, illness, trauma, fear, shock, during training, showing, travel, holidays, moving houses, any type of change, or any time your dog is or will be experiencing stress and so much more.

K9BWell provides consultation both locally and world-wide via web-conferencing. Please fill out the form below to schedule an appointment. We would love to help your dog attain a healthy and vibrant life. 


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Laser Acupuncture and laser therapy is generally very quick but depends on the cooperation of your dog.

DisclaimerI do not diagnose ANY medical condition utilizing Bio-Energetic testing.  Energetic information detected by such evaluation is NEVER presented as a medical diagnosis, nor is any subsequent treatment to be construed as a direct treatment for any medical condition.  Such treatments include: homeopathy, cold laser therapy, and meridian therapy.  All patients, prospective and present are advised to seek qualified veterinarian opinions for specific conditions. K9BWell reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.Prices are subject to change without prior notice. 

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