Mission Statement
Our mission is to prevent disease by obtaining and maintaining optimum health, improving quality of life & strengthening the life force by energetically balancing the body and unlocking its innate ability to heal itself!

Our modality is ENERGY which gives us the ability to help animals world-wide.

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gases. Endotoxins are toxins that the body creates as a by-product of the metabolic process.  When you add more exotoxins such as vaccinations, anti-biotics and other drugs, chemicals, synthetics & a poor diet, the body has to work extra hard to process these toxins and is at a greater risk of overload.  This is when disease begins because the body is loading up with toxins faster than it can get rid of them.   Symptoms are signs of the body's attempt to process the toxins and return to homeostasis.  When symptoms are suppressed, disease is driven deeper into the body only to recur over and over again becoming chronic.  Suppressing symptoms keeps the body sick.  This is the time when what you CAN'T see CAN hurt you. 

If your dog is currently on medication, his immune system is being severely weakened.  Using energy medicine as a complementary medicine before, during and after treatments will help his immune system to stay strong during the therapy.  Once therapy is complete, his body will be able to take over and recover faster, better and stronger. 

We do NOT diagnose nor do we treat any disease.  We promote wellness.  We can evaluate any dog in any state of health. We use bio-energetics to detect energy flow imbalances then with the help of homeopathy, flower essences, Laser acupuncture, Photobiomodulation and other holistic remedies, we work towards unblocking energy flow and balancing the meridians so that the body can heal itself.  If energy flow remains blocked and the body is allowed to remain out of balance for an extended period of time, disease can take over.

The first thing we do at an appointment is repertorize your dog’s symptoms.  Your observations of changes in them are signs to us of how they are processing dis-ease.  This listing of observations and symptoms is called repertorizing and are very important in finding the correct remedy for your dog.  Second, I use bio-energetic testing to find which systems or organs are out of balance or weak.  Bio-energetic testing is a way that we can "talk" to your dog's body to find out what is doing well and where it needs help.  A stylus is used to check each acupuncture meridian - no needles are involved. We do remedy testing to find the correct remedy that will balance & strengthen weak meridians and laserpuncture to help accelerate healing.   Once all systems are balanced, your dog’s body will automatically take over and heal itself.  My job is to “wake” it up, get the energy flowing & help it to maintain balance. 

The initial meridian and remedy testing can take anywhere from 1-2 hours or more depending on the complexity of the case and other items you may want evaluated with your dog.  Each dog is an individual.  What may work for one dog with the same problem may not work for your dog.  We take the time to find the remedies that balance each meridian and resonates with your dog’s WHOLE body.

We suggest to have your dog evaluated prior to any symptoms or signs to make sure they are healthy, then keep them happy, healthy and drug-free for their entire lives.  This is why we suggest starting as soon as you bring your puppy home.  No symptoms does not mean health.  Disease can start before any symptoms arise.

A healthy dog should get a check up every 3 months.  They are very close to the ground and there are so many pollutants & toxins that they can be exposed to that we are unaware of or don’t think twice of.  Keeping up on their health and maintaining this critical balance of homeostasis is of the utmost importance.  This is what helps their body continue to fight disease.  If you let the body get out of balance, disease is free to proliferate. 

If we are addressing a specific issue, we may need to see each other every 2 weeks or even weekly until we get things under control, then once a month to make sure he is maintaining.  Once we are comfortable that your dog’s systems are maintaining homeostasis, we would like to see you both 4 times a year.

We come to YOU!  Your home is free from the stresses & smells of other unknown dogs, the diseases  or viruses they may carry, and the unknown smells of a veterinary office.  Stress plays a big part in health so avoiding as much stress as possible is important in the health of your dog.

If you are not local to us, no worries!  We can still help you through hair, urine and DNA samples!

Bio-energetic testing can pick up minute energy flow disturbances.  Since it can take some time before physical damage takes place or becomes noticeable, we may be able to detect potential issues that conventional medicine cannot.  With this knowledge, we can employ holistic methods to correct the imbalances before damage takes place.

This is a very gentle & non-invasive modality.  No needles, x-rays, blood draws, poking or prodding.  When we have successfully balanced the meridians, you will see a dog that is happier and with better energy, both physically and spiritually.  Unlike anti-biotics and other conventional drugs, homeopathic remedies have all been proven and are completely safe and side-effect free so you can rest assured that a remedy will not cause harm to any other organ, system or tissue.  This modality is beautiful in that it does not conflict with any other modality so it can and should be used along side conventional medicine if your dog is currently on conventional therapy and medication from your veterinarian.

We build relationships.  We take our time to make sure that you and your dog are comfortable before we begin, we talk and answer questions and we get to know you and your dog.  Our goal is to balance your dog’s systems to bring them back to health and then maintain their health & happiness, drug-free, for the rest of their lives.      


Dr. Samuel Hahnemann is given the credit for founding Homeopathy, although it can be traced back to Hippocrates.  Dr. Hahnemann closed his practice in 1784 due to his extreme dissatisfaction with the medical practices of his day as he felt it was doing more harm than good. 

Dr. Hahnemann set out on a journey to find out why these medicines were doing so much harm when he found that upon repeatedly ingesting cinchona bark, he developed the symptoms of the disease, Malaria.  Cinchona bark was used to treat malaria.  He theorized that if this substance caused the symptoms of the disease in a healthy person, then small doses of it could cure a person stricken with similar symptoms.  Thus the principle that “Like cures like” – Similia Similibus Curentur, “The Law of Similars”. 

Dr. Hahnemann went on to find that the smaller the dose, the greater the effect, thus the “Law of Minimum Dose”.  In fact most homeopathic remedies do not contain even a molecule of the original substance, but what they do contain is the energy imprint of the substance.  Each remedy is proven by testing on healthy humans.  The physiology of humans and dogs are quite similar.  All symptoms and observations are carefully documented so that the effects of each remedy are clearly understood and any homeopathic practitioner can find an appropriate remedy for his client based on the presenting symptoms.  The principles of homeopathy together with the provings are how we know that homeopathic remedies are completely safe and effective.


Q.  Should I discontinue the medication my vet prescribed & should I stop taking my dog to the vet?
A.  I am a holistic practitioner, not a veterinarian and I will NEVER tell you to discontinue any medication prescribed by your veterinarian nor will I ever tell you to stop seeing your veterinarian.  This modality does NOT take the place of veterinary care.  Homeopathy will keep your dog's immune system strong while he goes through conventional therapy.

Q.  Can prescription medications effect the readings ?
A. Yes.  Prescription medications can have side-effects on other parts of the body thus creating blockages of energy flow and weakening the organs and systems.  The damage created by these medications may not show up right away, but bio-energetic screening picks up minute changes in energy flow allowing us to potentially pick up issues long before they actually show up.    This allows us to assist the body in strengthening itself so it can heal itself.    

Q.  Would your readings allow you to give specific information or limited ?
A.  Bio-energetic testing combines the centuries old medicine of the east (acupuncture meridians) with western scientific technology, however, it does not diagnose.  What bio-energetic testing does is it detects disturbances and energy flow blockages in the acupuncture meridians.  Identifying the disease is not as important as balancing the meridians and unblocking energy flow.  This is what lets the body heal itself of disease.

Q.  Can you get rid of fleas & ticks?
A.  I have found that healthy animals are less likely to be plagued by fleas than animals with compromised immune systems.  Keeping your dog's body in balance keeps his immune system strong and he will automatically be less affected by fleas.  But you can help by vacuuming your home, daily as well as brushing and using a flea comb on a daily basis.  Ticks are opportunistic.  The most important thing to do is to keep your dog's immune system strong so that if they do get attacked by ticks, they will be able to handle any issues that may arise.  There are herbal blends and D.E. that you can use but be sure to  comb your dog and do a tick check before coming home and once home, give him a bath to wash off the herbal blend and do one more tick check. 

Disclaimer: I do not diagnose ANY medical condition utilizing Bio-Energetic testing.  Energetic information detected by such evaluation is NEVER presented as a medical diagnosis, nor is any subsequent treatment to be construed as a direct treatment for any medical condition.  Such treatments include: complex homeopathy, cold laser therapy, and meridian therapy.  All patients, prospective and present are advised to seek qualified veterinarian opinions for specific conditions

“… the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz
November 20, 2007
Southwest Obedience Match, Gardena
The key to health is a strong immune system that will continuously fight assaults and heal on its own.  In today's world, there are over 10,000 known homotoxins (both endogenous & exogenous) that all living beings are assaulted with every day.  Exotoxins are things like everyday pollution, dust, radiation, pesticides, and
About our logo - it is actual artwork, drawn the "old fashioned" way symbolizing the 250 year old modality and the organic, unprocessed nature of K9BWell.
The dog: Our inspiration.  They are the ones who inspired us to take this incredible journey.
The pool of water:  Is the yin/yang, the balance of life.  This is our purpose.  We balance your dog’s body & release its innate ability to heal itself.
The tree: represents energy & strength which is what our modality is.  We use energy medicine to strengthen the body, strengthen the life force.
The drops of water falling from the tree: represent our remedies.  They are energized, safe & pure.